Joseph Koniak Proudly Presents
Master The Art Of
Public Speaking
May 13th 2019, 9am-6pm, CIWEM Venue, 106-109 Saffron Hill, London, EC1N 8QS
One Time Only Offer, Get your Subsidised Ticket to 
Deliver Your Best Speech Ever and Leave a Lasting Impression!
"It's Not What You Say But How You Say It That Can Make The Biggest Difference In Someone's Life"
 Joseph Koniak
You're one step away from changing your life with Joseph Koniak, an internationally accredited speaker who helps turn ordinary people into extraordinary speakers and communicators

"Having spent many years as a speaker, delivering my message on stages all over the world to crowds of thousands of people, I have come across many extremely talented and intelligent individuals who have fantastic ideas, products and knowledge but lack the platform and skills necessary to gain an audience that can propel their ideas to success."

This masterclass is specifically designed for professionals, business people, and visionaries who struggle with stress, anxiety and fear when it comes to delivering their message effectively to a large group of people or in a networking environment. If you fall into this category then we have some very good news for you. 
One. You are not alone. Two. You are one step away from 
never having this problem again.

I have teamed up with J.R. Steele, professor and bestselling author of 'Your Best Speech Ever' and founder of The International Public Speaking Institute to deliver a content packed day in which we will break through the fear barrier that is stopping you from reaching your goals!

The event will run from 9am-6pm on May 13th 2019 at the CIWEM venue, 106-109 Saffron Hill, London. EC1N 8QSAt our one day event you will learn proven strategies that are simple to execute and will let you face your fear with a newfound sense of confidence, allowing you to speak confidently to audiences of any size. 
Here's What's Included
  • Breaking Through The Fear Barrier: Learn Simple Strategies that you can execute straight away which allow you to overcome any fears that are blocking your path to success.  
  •  Speech Building 101: Quick Strategies that allow you to write outstanding speeches that show off your breadth of knowledge in a clear, concise and engaging way 
  • Deliver With Confidence: Learn The 10 Delivery Principles that allow you to captivate your audience, keeping them engaged throughout whilst ensuring that your message gets across.
  •  Practice Makes Perfect: Throughout the day there will be time set aside to practice the principles that are taught, showing you how they can be put into action in your life and make a difference immediately.
***Limited Time Offer***
Usually £597
Yours Today For A One Time Only Subsidised Price Of Just
You Will Never See This Offer Again!
See You On The Other Side.
So Who Is Master The Art Of Public Speaking For?
  • Speakers and Coaches: Who want to increase their client base and the level of engagement at their events
  • Managers: Who want to increase their impact and influence they have at work
  • Beginners: Who want to get started on their speaking journey but need someone to help point them in the right direction to allow them to take off
  •  Students: Who have to put together presentations as part of their studies and want help delivering effective presentations.
  •  Business People: Who want to engage their prospective customers and position themselves as a leading authority in their field
  •  Sales People: Who want to improve their sales delivery in order to massively increase their daily sales output.
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